Alfredo Nocera Italian genealogist - researcher in Italy.

Genealogy Detective in Italy ( Family Detective - Ancestry detective )

Official certificates from Italy for dual citizenship or genealogy

Italian document retrieval services.


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Alfredo Nocera your personal researcher in Italy, on-site research in Italy.


Hire me to track down your hard to find documents from Italy!

I am a Italian genealogist and family history researcher based in Italy.

I offer a full Italian genealogy service designed to help people discover their Italian roots.

There are many Ital­ian archives that are not acces­si­ble from a dis­tance, i can pro­vide genealog­i­cal research ser­vices on-site in  Italy.

Procurement of Italian documents from Italy.
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If you know your ancestor's name, parents' names, date and place of birth, I can request the following records from Italian towns:

Birth Certificates, known in Italian as "Certificato di Nascita, Estratto di Nascita, Copia Integrale dell'Atto di Nascita, Estratto di Nascita Multilingua"

Marriage Certificates, known in Italian as " Certificato di Matrimonio, Estratto di Matrimonio, Copia Integrale Atto di Matrimonio, Estratto di Matrimonio Multilingua"

Death Certificates, known in Italian as " Certificato di Morte, Estratto di Morte, Copia Integrale Atto di Morte"

Italian military records​, known in Italian as "Lista di Leva, Liste di Leva e Ruoli Matricolari"

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Mailing address: Via Gulì Alba 8 90146 Palermo Italy


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 * Alfredo Nocera Italian Genealogist - Genealogy Detective Researcher in Italy.