How to Obtain Vital Records in Sicily

Official Sicilian family records

of your ancestors

directly from the Registrar of Vital Statistics

  (Ufficio della Stato civile)

in the Comune - Municipio in Sicily.


Genealogy Freelancers

My name is Alfredo Nocera, a genealogist based in Italy, member of APG (The Association of Professional Genealogists).
Researcher with extensive experience in on-site research in Italy can provide research, documentation, photographs, and facilitate contacts with distant cousins. When records for your ancestral home town are not available online, this service can open up those records to reveal priceless documentation of your family before they emigrated from Sicily - Italy.

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Official certificates from Italy for genealogy or dual citizenship.

Certified Italian Vital Records are not available online.




( Birth Act  Extract from birth registration )





When applying for Italian Citizenship through people of Italian Descent, you must obtain an official copy of your ancestors Italian Documents.  If your grandparents where both born in Sicily, then you must obtain their birth certificates.  If they were also married in Sicily, then you must obtain the marriage certificate as well. 

Alfredo Nocera Genealogy Freelancers in Sicily: Property Research, inheritance Estate Filings,  real property title searches, assistance on pensions, Historical Records, Birth, Marriage & Death,  Research familial history, Find assets,  Antenati storia famiglia , including Parish Birth, Baptism & Christening Marriage & Divorce, Death, Burial, Cemetery & Obituaries, Find a grave, Immigration & Travel,  Church Histories, Land & Wills, Land Records, Court, baptisimal certificate, Governmental & Criminal, Locate significant inheritances, Identify a will for an estate, Locate probate records, Find current vehicle registrations Locate a missing person Wills & Probate, Family Trees, Find a current address,  Find a date of birth, Parish registers,  Locate birth records, Locate death records, Locate marriage records, Locate divorce filings, Locate a beneficiary for a probate proceeding, take pictures of tombstones, headstones, gravestones from a local cemetery Italian Citizenship through ancestors (iure sanguinis) Cittadinanza italiana per discendenza, Determine current market value of real property, Identify owner of home.

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Genealogical research on site in Sicily - Italy
Offering genealogical research services, specializing in researching family trees, in Sicily Italy. Based locally, in Palermo, civil and parish record searches can be performed as well as finding living relatives.

Passaporto Italiano

My research involves a combination of physical research at archives and repositories.
I research civil, church, military, notary, catasto onciario records in Sicily Italy.
I can also help ascertain eligibility for dual citizenship and prepare documents for submission.

  Estratto atto di nascita

Birth Certificate Estratto Certficato atto di nascita

 Italian genealogical records and Italian ancestry

Military Records (after 1855)

Italian Military Records

Italian Military Records

Military and conscription records
Registri di leva Liste di Leva  Conscription Records
Liste d'Estrazione Draft Records
Foglio di Congedo illimitato Discharge Records
Registro dei Fogli Matricolari Draftee Curriculum of Service Record

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Birth, marriage and death and Parish documents provide reveal further generations.

One of the services I provide is to search for documents and people in Italy.

I have experience in locating Birth, Death and Marriage certificates throughout all of Italy for people seeking these documents.

If you are interested in my service, please email me the information that you already have  and the type of documents you need for each of them

Please let me know should you have any inquiries. > Contact Borgo Canicassè Casale, Borgo Petilia, Santa Rita, Villaggio Santa Barbara, Manfria, Marina di Butera.
fraz.en: Enna Alta, Enna Bassa, Monte, Borgo Baccarato, Carcaci, Villadoro, Villaggio Pergusa, Villapriolo.

 Vital Records,

Italian Birth, Marriage, Death.

In order to apply for Italian Citizenship through your ancestor, you must obtain a official copy of his/her Italian Birth Certificate and the Marriage Certificate.
The Comune (Town Hall) keeps records of birth, marriage and death at the Ufficio dello Stato Civile (Office of Vital Records).

Certified Italian Vital Records are not available online.

Comune, city, città, town hall:  Caltanissetta,  Regalbuto, Sperlinga, Troina, Valguarnera Caropepe, Villarosa, Acquaviva Platani, Bompensiere, Butera, Campofranco, Delia, Serradifalco, Sommatino, Sutera, Vallelunga Pratameno, Villalba, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agira, Aidone, Assoro, Barrafranca, Calascibetta, Comune, city, città, town hall: Catenanuova, Centuripe, Cerami, Enna, Gagliano Castelferrato, Leonforte, Nicosia, Nissoria, Piazza Armerina, Pietraperzia.




Comune, city, città, town hall: Gela, Marianopoli, Mazzarino, Milena, Montedoro, Mussomeli, Niscemi, Resuttano, Riesi, San Cataldo, Santa Caterina Villarmosa, commune, ex comune city town hall Carcaci, Buonpensiere Naduri, Terranova di Sicilia, Valguarnera, Littoria Nissena, Milocca, Piazza, Castrogiovanni.

Obtaining Vital Records - How to Obtain Vital Records in Italy
To request directly a BIRTH CERTIFICATE, fill out a similar form Certificato di Nascita

All’Ufficio Dello Stato Civile , Comune di Provincia di Il/La sottoscritto/a (The undersigned) Cognome (Last name) Nome (First name) Nato a (Born in) Provincia di (Province) Il (on)[day/month/year] Residente in (Residing at) Via (Street) nº CAP (Zip code) Città (City/Town) Provincia di (Province) CHIEDE (Requests) n. copie di (Number of copies of)  Modello plurilingue (Multilingual form) Certificato di nascita di  Birth Certificate of (first name, last name)  Data di nascita Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)  Luogo di nascita Place of birth  Padre (Father’s name)  Madre (Mother’s name) Estratto dell’atto di nascita con generalità complete (Extract of birth Certificate, reporting parents’ names) di of (first name, last name) Data di nascita Date of birth (dd/mm/yy)  Luogo di nascita Place of birth  Padre (Father’s name)  Madre (Mother’s name) DATA (Date dd/mm/yy) FIRMA (Signature) Allegare copia di un documento di identità in corso di validità. Please enclose a copy of valid identification document.

If is required  a document as evidence must be authenticated by the "apostille" procedure, in accordance with the terms of the Hague Convention of October 05, 1961, ( effective in the United States on October 15, 1981)


Estratto atto di morte

Death Certificate Estratto Certificato Atto di Morte

Need birth records, marriage records or other family records from Sicily Italy?
I will make available them to you in the format required by the Italian Consulate to process your Italian citizenship application: either in "estratto per riassunto", or as "formato internazionale" for birth records, marriage records and death records.

To order a record, you need to have the essential information of your Ancestor/s who left Italy:
Full name of your Ancestor
Approximate date of birth/marriage/death
Town in which he/she was born/married/died


Vital Records | BMD | Birth, Marriage & Death ITALY

Birth records

Certificato di nascita Birth Record Certificate Birth extract, (Atto di nascita - Certificato di nascita - Estratto di nascita)
The most accurate document is the birth certificate ( atto di nascita - certificato di nascita)  because it was created at the time of the birth, with information supplied by a reliable witness. Birth records ( Certificato di nascita - Atto di nascita)  give the child’s name,  birth date, and birthplace. Birth extract, (Estratto dell'Atto di Nascita), same as birth certificate, also Time of birth,  Parents names, sex, marginal  notes -(marriage, death, emigration information)

If you have any questions or concerns about the matter above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 Marriage Records

Extract of marriage Certificate or Estratto del Certificato di matrimonio - Certificato di matrimonio Marriage Record or Certificato di matrimonio
Marriage Record or Certificato di matrimonio
Here is the information that you will find:
The name of the Comune and of the Province, date of marriage
Groom’s information
Bride’s information
Extract of marriage Certificate or Estratto del Certificato di matrimonio
The estratto dell’atto di matrimonio contains more precious genealogical information than the certificate itself:
Groom’s information (marriage status, date of birth/age, profession, place of birth, current place of residence)
Bride’s information (marriage status, date of birth/age, place of birth,profession, current place of residence)
(Names of the parents of the groom and the bride)

Death Records 

Certificato di morte Death Record or Certificato di Morte  Extract of a Death Certificate - Estratto dell'Atto di Morte  
Death Record or Certificato di Morte Here is the information that you will find: Full name, Place of birth, Age, Civil Status, If married the death certificate will include the name of the husband or the wife of the deceased, Date and place of death,  Year, series and record number  In the extract of a death also Place of birth (only the Comune) Date of birth, The deceased’s address, Profession.

It could be useful to know that some of the most common surnames (family name, last name) in Enna province are: Grasso, Novello, Vitale, Di Bella, Ragusa, Pecora, Russo, Marotta, Ferrigno, Micciche, Di Marco, Di Gloria, Madonia, Barbarino, Sanfilippo, Bevilacqua, Messina, Mazzola, Modica, La Vigna, Di Franco, Fanella, Gagliano, Vicino, Tiberio, Termine, Alessi, Cannata, La Porta, Impellizzeri, Paterno, Garretta, Cammarata, Liccardi, Valletta,Savoca, Castagna, Arena, Gagliardi, Gatto, Lo Grasso, Giunta, Mancuso, Marchi, Di Vita, Catalano, Tambe, Rizzo, Manuele, Maenza, Milano, Guarnaccia, La Ferrera, Celestri, Accaria, Ferraro, Cimino, Colajanni, Marchiafava, Sutera, Sicurezza, Scaglione, La Loggia, Di Gregorio, Gulizia, Berrittella, Abbate, Addamo, Avanzato, Cangeri, Gervasi, Militello, Sorrentino, Scuderi, Giamblanco, Giacone, Roccaro, Pistara, Anzalone, Di Fazio, Millauro, Indovino, Vizzini, Trovato, Lana, Di Dio, Crimi, Comito, Allegra (Surname, family name, last name).

Most common surnames

It could be useful to know that some of the most common surnames (family name, last name) in Caltanissetta province are: Orlando, Amico, Terranova, Rizzo, Russo, Grasso, Baldone, Di Giacomo, Burgio, Catania, Semeraro, Licata, Patti, Vilardo, Adornetto, Faraci, Ragusa, Russello, Cerutti, Caristia, Cacciaguerra, Arnone, Sollami, Salvo, Sciarrotta, Vullo, Carletta, Noto, Milazzo, Di Vita, Castellano, Modica, La Russa, Petix, Italiano, Micciche, Scarciotta, Tuccio, Viviano, Mistretta, Pavone, Salamone, Capizzi, Di Stefano, Vacca, Sicilia, Sorbetto, Fonti, Cortese, Cuvato, Capraro, Cerruto, Polizzi, Morgante, Chieffalo, Gallo, Baglio, Bartolomeo, Porrovecchio, Cala, Trainito, Valenza, Augello, Lombardi, Schillaci, Cumbo, Ferrara, Rugnone, Fasino, Cattuti, Vinciguerra, Scicolone, Dell Aira, Legname, Leonardo, Manganaro, Ferraro, Tropea, Castiglione, Capodici, Di Salvo, Pardo (Surname, family name, last name).

Vital records

Vital record: Estratto Certificato atto di Matrimonio Marriage Certificate

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